Dear Richard and the team,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the team for all your hard work in finding me the role I have been looking for. 
Dealing with you guys has been a breath of fresh air. 

Keep up the good work.
Thanks again.
Kind regards,
Alan Hazley 

If you want the job done use Steve!
Kristian Baker – 26/07/2010

Steve was refreshing to work with. I appreciated his follow through and his accessibility. He worked hard to get me the contacts and interviews I needed to get a new job. Thank you Steve for your hard work and dedication! You are a star!
Dawn Saslow – 19/07/2010

I would like to say thank you for all your help. Dealing with Steve and EA was a great experience; I spoke to others but found Steve and co to give the best advice!!!
I wish there were more guys like you around!!!

Yurga Varnas – 08/07/2010

Out of the 5 recruiters I dealt with Steve and co were by far the best, he is a credit to the industry and I hate to admit it but he is always right!!!...He worked quickly and obtained 3 offers within a week of meeting him and the only dilemma I faced was which offer to take. Keep up the good work, if anyone needs a recruiter I will be recommending you as the best.
Jaya Bond – 28/06/2010

Thank you very much for finding me, and helping me to get the job I was hoping for with hard work and great, useful advice.
I got in touch with Steve on Wednesday 19th; on Friday 21st I know I will be starting on Monday 24th. I will recommend his services to colleagues in trouble. Thank you.

Viktoria Rakos – 21/05/2010

Steve was amazing, definitely had me in the hot seat for some great real estate companies, within a couple of days. His advice was very honest and he worked very hard to get me what I wanted….He is a credit to the industry and knows exactly what I wanted….I have a great job, need I say anymore!
Paula Thorn – 20/05/2010

One of the most professional and reliable recruitment specialists that I have ever dealt with. They listened to what I wanted and helped me to find a job within a company that I have now been with for 2 years. I would recommend E A Recruitment to all those looking to work within the property sector. Look forward to you helping me with my next journey!
Kareen Lawrence – 13/05/2010

Thanks for guidance and support over the last couple of days. You read me so well and I really appreciate all the things you have said to me….even though I knew most of what you were saying it was really helpful to hear…I love your honesty…thank you...bring on round 2 :o) x
Emma Gray – 23/03/2010

Spoke to Steve on the Wednesday, was job offered on the Saturday.
Enough said really!!

Darren Moss – 09/03/2010

Steve! Mr Cogan! Got me my 1st and current job =)
A great recruiter with personality & professionalism something you don’t find in many recruiters these days! Always the 1st recruiter to go to =)
Keep up the good work Mr Cogan & I’ll be sure to pass on E A Recruitment to anyone who needs a job in EA. Keep in touch! Chyna x

Chyna Louise Desveaux – 28/01/2010

I want to thank Steve for all his hard work and dedication in helping me secure the perfect job, he is a true professional and got me what I wanted, and he is the best recruiter in property I have ever come across. Thanks for making everything work for me and believing in me, regards Natalie x
Natalie Jane Wall Heffernan – 25/11/2009

Having spoken with many recruiters, Steve and co at PRS were by far the best.
Great advice, big thumbs up guys, keep up the good work!

Sherrie Hawes – 04/08/2009

PRS were fantastic…I must say they helped place me with the right company Northfields where I have grown leaps and bounds. I’m happy to be there and would recommend them to anyone looking for a job in that field.
Thanks Steve and team!!!!!

Charmaine Grant – 13/07/2009

Great thanks to PRS; Steve and the staff are absolutely on point with the property field.
As a young 18 year old stepping into the big, bad working world they mentally prepared me and gave me basic training and information required to help me turn into a grown successful business woman. Unlike most agencies whom are just after the money they really put you into a company that they believe suits your personality and experience the best.
PRS is the best first step to take if successful life is what you are aiming for!!!

Khadra Dutchess – 11/07/2009

I’d like to say a HUGE thank you to Steve and PRS, I am soooo happy in my new job and will 100% recommend you guys to everyone!! Thank you again Steve! X
Anjali Denning-sen – 10/07/2009

I would like to say that it has been a pleasure to work with Steve and PRS over the last few years. He has always taken pride in his work and dealt with everything professionally. I would not hesitate to recommend his services to potential applicant looking for work and or companies looking to have their vacancies filled.
Akis Zissis – 08/07/2009

I would just like to say a big thank you to Steve @ PRS. You were a pleasure to deal with and ever so helpful. I would highly recommend him and would not hesitate to contact him again if I ever decided to move jobs x Thanks Steve…you’re a star!!
Paula Craze – 08/07/2009

Huge thank you to PRS, you have been fantastic! I’ve never liked recruitment agents; they feed you with rubbish and send you to jobs you don’t want and aren’t right for you, real painful experience. Completely different experience with Steve at PRS, he was selective of where he sent me in terms of company, team I’d be with, structure etc and gave great advice throughout the painful experience. Steve was always there when I wanted to moan and discuss my insecurities of a career move.
I’d never use another agent as an employee or employer. A no BS policy is what I like!

Ri Ri – 08/07/2009

Steve Cogan and the staff at PRS have been great to me. They were fast, always had time to speak with me and give great advice. Most importantly PRS work with good quality agencies that some of the other recruitment companies do not have access to. Thank you Steve.
Emmanuel Asafo-Agyei – 23/06/2009

Hi Steve, just wanted to say thanks to you and the team at PRS! I will be recommending you to all my colleagues. I am now in a job I love (didn’t think that was possible) and it’s because of your gelpful advice and knowledge. Thanks for showing me the light at the end of the tunnel…you’re a star!!
Kathryn Wilkinson – 16/06/2009

Keep on keeping on Steve. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for a job in property. Highly recommended!
Sam Arthur – 15/06/2009

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